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For decades, edgebanding of wood-based panels with a variety of edgebands has been an established practice in the furniture industry. The quality demands concerning visual appeal, the technological progress in engineering, and also the almost unlimited diversity of materials to be processed - all of these factors represent special challenges for the adhesive technology. In modern, high-quality furniture manufacture, the quality of the edgebanding is increasingly becoming a key criterion for evaluating the quality of the entire furniture item. The end customer demands a glueline that is hardly visible and perfect.

Modern, thermoplastic and moisture-curing reactive adhesives ensure superior bonding strength and high-quality appearance in edgebanding applications. A broad spectrum of adhesion to different edgebanding materials is equally important as fast adhesive setting for direct downline processing and high heat resistance and durability. PUR hot melt adhesives are renowned for meeting the highest demands with regard to a zero-bondline appearance as well as resistance to heat, moisture and chemicals in kitchens and bathrooms. Jowat supplies these hot melt adhesives of the latest generation also in granulate form. The ease of processing makes them particularly attractive for processers who have not used the PUR technology before. Therefore, Walmark hot melts provide the ideal process solution for every edgebanding application.


• Straight Edgebanding
• Contour Edgebanding


• Straight Edgebanding
• Contour Edgebanding


• Excellent Tack
• Long Open Times
• Increased Safety
• Reduced Consumption


PUR PURGE designed for the cleaning and purging of unloading equipment, open glue pots, hoses, and roller coaters during extended shutdowns or switching between technologies such as EVA and APO to PUR adhesives. 
• Blue in Color
• Excellent Solubility of PUR’s
• Low Initial Melt Point
• Prevents PUR’s from crosslinking
Walmark Edgebanding Adhesives


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