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Freezin’ Season comes and goes. Here are some essential tips to protect your liquid products and keep you out of sticky situations. 

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Be sure your receiving knows the following before accepting or signing for any shipments.

 Did the water-based adhesive temperature drop below 32°F (0°C)?

◻ Does the product look coagulated resembling ‘cottage cheese’?

◻ Is there water separation in the product?

◻ Is the product hard and frozen?

*If freeze indicator was used, please still check the product. 


◻ Order early. Water-based shipments can get delayed due to weather and road conditions. 
    We are constantly watching the weather and overnight temps to ensure your orders will arrive safely.
◻ Place orders in the beginning of the week. 
    Water-based adhesives cannot be shipped over the winter weekends.
◻ If your order includes hot melts, please let us know if you will allow partial shipments.
◻ Inspect all shipments for any evidence of freezing before accepting from the carrier.
    If this is not done, and the goods are accepted, it is assumed the goods are not frozen at the time of delivery and it becomes the responsibility of the consignee.
◻ Store your liquid adhesives in areas above 55°F (0°C) and away from potential cold conditions or areas exposed to cold conditions.
◻ The majority of common carriers will require freeze protection in winter months.


If you detect any of the conditions on the delivery checklist and the Bill of Lading is marked “Protect From Freezing,” reject the shipment and state your exception in writing on the delivery receipt.
If you choose to receive the shipment, you assume responsibility for the condition of the freight received. 
If you discover a problem after the carrier has left, call the carrier, and request an immediate inspection. 

Please notify Walmark within 24 hours of delivery of any type of discrepancy. For any questions, call us at 800-682-0479


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Walmark greatly appreciates your continued support and your assistance in following these guidelines as it will allow us to assure that your orders are are processed & delivered safely.

  • Order Early
  • Place orders early in the week
  • Inspect Shipments
  • Store liquids above 55°F

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