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Fabtak Adhesives takes great pride in leading the field in engineered epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and methacrylate adhesives. Our technical capability exceeds forty five years of adhesives and adhesive support for a variety of industries including counter-top, sign, spa, auto, and marine markets. We focus on customers needs and designing products to meet the ever growing marketplace needs. 


Fabtak Epoxies are strong and consistent for bonding of various substrates. Our epoxy adhesives are two component systems of resins and activators. Fabtak epoxies come in a variety of colors and formulations, from flowing to non-sag versions. We offer epoxy adhesives in a wide range of applications including electrical, paints, coatings, marine, vehicle, automotive and consumer applications.

(Super Glues)

Fabtak Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (CA), otherwise known as Super Glue, bond a wide range of various materials including, wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and other substances. Specialized super glues are available to close up wounds and to seal cuts and scratches. 
Fabtak super glues are clear to slightly cloudy in color, easy to use, fast curing, and come in four different thickness: thin, medium, thick, and gel to suit every need.
Fabtak also carries accelerators to speed up the reaction even faster. 


Fabtak solid surface flowable adhesives are UV stable, consistent curing, and used by solid surface fabricators worldwide. Fabricators rely on our 500+ colors, shelf life, strong durable bonds, and amazing thermoforming properties. 


Fabtak Anaerobic, threadlocker, adhesives cure in spaces that do not have air but have metal present. Typical applications for anaerobic adhesives, threadlockers, are turning a nut into a bolt and other thread locking applications.


Fabtak Polyurethane adhesives are used for bonding many dissimilar materials together, such as ceramics, glass, plastics, rubbers, wood products, and metals. Fabtak’s adhesives are easy to use, flexible, UV stable, good strength and impact resistance, and contain low volatile organic components (VOC).

​(Tips and Dispensers)

Fabtak carries accessories such as tips and guns for its adhesives.


Fabtak adhesive products have been tested and UL certifies that our samples emit fewer chemicals that may cause health effects such as respiratory issues like asthma, itchy runny eyes, headaches, etc.


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